Key Features

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Sick-Building Syndrome – A thing of the past

The Gree GA Series also allows for the introduction of fresh outdoor air, with it's unique fresh air vent system that provides up to 65 CFM of fresh outdoor air into the living space. A simple two-position leveler hidden from guest but allows building owners to activate ventilation without removing the unit from the wall sleeve.

Ultimate Comfort Control

Connect your Gree GA series to a wall thermostat for ultimate comfort control and upgraded room appearance. The Gree GA series makes it easy to connect to either wired and wireless wall thermostats. Whether your needs require a simple non-programmed or complex 7 day programmable wall thermostat, the Gree GA series can accommodate.

Comfortouch Digital Control

Silencer System

Smartfan Comfort Control

EZSERV – Ease of Installation, Service and Maintenance

Gree Dependability

All GA Series PTACs are protected by a five-year limited warranty.

5 year Limited Warranty