Doesn't Disturb Guests.

The GA is quiet thanks to advanced fan technology. So whether it's used in hotel rooms, healthcare facilities or private residences, it always delivers superior Gree comfort.

Guest in Hotel Room image.

Doesn't Disturb Owners.

Saves Money

The premium efficient GA Series can significantly save you money on utilities. And with new built-in safeguards like self-correcting diagnostics, it may be one of the most worry-free pieces of equipment in your entire building.

Sick-Building Syndrome – A thing of the past

The Gree GA Series also allows for the introduction of fresh outdoor air, with it's unique fresh air vent system that provides up to 65 CFM of fresh outdoor air into the living space. A simple two-position leveler hidden from guest but allows building owners to activate ventilation without removing the unit from the wall sleeve.

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